Sheet Pile NZ is proud to stock SealBoss Swell Caulk, the interlock sealant of choice for sheet pile clutches. Applied with a caulking gun to the clutch before or as the sheet pile is installed, SwellCaulk helps to seal clutches after installation. This product expands with contact to moisture.

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Ground release pile lifting clamps

Sheet Pile NZ stocks 5 and 10-tonne lifting clamps available for purchase and hire. Clamps include ropes suitable for use with up to 20m piles and come with a current load test certificate.

CP2 Weld-On Clutches

‘Sheet Pile NZ has stocks of CP2 Weld-On Clutches in 12m lengths available for purchase. These clutch with Sheet Pile types, SP2, SP3, SP3A, SP3W or STU1800, SP4W or STU2700 and most Larssen type clutches. Grade S355 steel, current stocks have been tested in at SGS and have a Carbon Equivalent of 0.35 which make them very suitable for a range of welding procedures. Weight of the bar is 9.5 kgs per metre or 114 kgs per 12m length’

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